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How-To Guide

Public Participation Menu Items

  • Public Participation Plan.  This menu item provides access to the current version of the Public Participation Plan.  This document lays out the plan for engaging the community as part of the Update process.
  • Committee.  This menu item leads to the page that defines the role of the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee and provides a list of Committee members.
  • Meetings. This menu item provides access to all the materials provided to attendees of the Workshops, Charrettes, Committee, and other public meetings throughout the planning process. This includes copies of presentations provided.

Resources Menu Items

The Resources menu item is the repository for information that has been prepared to support the Glenview Comprehensive Plan Update. The materials located here consist of maps, documents, handouts, and presentation materials that have been developed during the process. These materials are typically provided in a PDF (Acrobat) format for ease of downloading.

Quick Links. Under this menu, you can find the following :

  • Website links to pertinent reference information related to the project. The links are organized in alphabetical order.

Online Library. Under this menu, you can find the following document types:

  • Brochures. During the development of the plan, brochures will be prepared to keep the community up-to-date at significant points in the development of the update.
  • Documents / Reports. All public documents and reports that are prepared for the respective tasks of the planning process will be posted here.

Under the Maps menu, you can find published maps for the project, Click Here


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